• Republic of You - The Devils Darling - Black beaded bracelet with miniature hand carved skulls and silver coin pendants.

The Devils Darling

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  • $90 AUD
'The Devils Darling' features miniature skull beads intricately carved by hand using buffalo horn, old silver-alloy scalloped edge decorative coin pendants from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India, antique Heshi trade beads from Kenya in Africa, and ceramic disk beads from Mykonos, Greece. We have strung this bracelet using sturdy kangaroo-hide leather.
About the Banjara Tribe:
The Banjara People are a collective of nomadic gypsy tribes from Northern India. They are said to be the descendants of the Roma gypsies from Europe who migrated to India through the rugged mountains of Afghanistan and finally settled in Rajasthan.  
Originally the Banjara’s were bullock transport carriers and builders of great monuments. For centuries they efficiently moved their enormous caravans through the vast roadless tracks of India guaranteeing safe conduct for grain, salt and messages.
Due to the nomadic nature of their culture, the Banjara’s traditionally ‘wore’ their wealth thus creating a unique aesthetic, colorful dress and spectacular jewelry quite unlike any other tribe.
Symbolism of the Buffalo:
Considered a gift from the Great Spirit to the Native American people, the buffalo represents: wisdom, patience, prosperity, gratitude, abundance, strength, stability, consistency and blessing. The buffalo teaches us to remain grounded, find strength to carry on our path, to be in harmony with Mother Earth and to connect with the sacredness of life.
Please Note: We purchase the buffalo horn as a by-product from ceremonies undertaken in certain parts of Indonesia.