The Wanderer

  • $60 AUD
  • $160 AUD

'The Wanderer' is a short choker style necklace for women, but can also be worn as a unisex bangle, bracelet or cuff, when double wrapped around the wrist. The black and brown variation has a urban street style aesthetic, where the vibrant royal blue leather gives it a fresh, bright bohemian coastal luxe look.

It features traditional tribal desert-silver beads that are either vintage, or have been crafted by hand in Pakistan by Afghan refugees of the Kuchi Tribe (see History & Cultural Significance tab). It also features brass beading and brass chain, with kangaroo hide leather from North Queensland, Australia. We have knotted and wrapped the leather using our signature technique. 

Available in blue, black and brown.

All our products come in either an envelope style gift bag, or gift box.
About the Kuchi Tribe:
The word Kuchi stems from a Persian word meaning migration. Originating from Afghanistan, the Kuchi People roamed areas along the ancient Silk Road trade routes for an estimated 3000 years. Known as prolific wanderers who migrated over immense distances, this nomadic tribe became masters at trekking to the remotest of areas.

Since many of these pieces were intended to be worn daily under very rough conditions, they were often boldly crafted of sturdy metal to withstand a rigorous nomadic lifestyle. This may explain why old Kuchi pieces are still available today and in relatively good condition even after decades of rugged wear.

It is important to remember this jewellery has traveled untold distances from village to village, and passed from generation to generation. We believe it’s the irregularities in each piece that form part of its charm, heritage, and value.