• Republic of You - Urban Punk - Brass skull pendant necklace

Urban Punk

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Designed for both men and women, this solid brass skull pendant necklace was inspired by the love union of American punk rock poet Patti Smith, and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Both fashion icons in their own right, this edgy necklace celebrates the timeless impact punk subculture has had on pop culture, not only in music and art, but also fashion.

All our products come in either an envelope style gift bag, or gift box. 

For eternity Buddhist Monks have used skull prayer beads during meditation to monitor their chant... Traditionally the skull is a representation of the impermanence of life and the limitation of human knowledge and understanding. The use of the skull mala beads in meditation is said to beckon the reflection of life, and the inevitability of death... in doing so, one is said to embrace life to the fullest and be filled with compassion.