• Republic of You - Unity - Black leather necklace featuring authentic silver Coptic cross
  • Republic of You - Unity - Natural leather necklace featuring authentic silver Coptic cross


  • $140 AUD
'Unity' is a Limited Edition contemporary tribal inspired necklace available in black and natural. It has been crafted by hand in our Byron Bay studio, and is considered a mid-length single layer piece. Designed for everyday wear, this bespoke handmade necklace with its ethnic roots is a must have for your bohemian jewellery collection.

Unity features:
  • Genuine traditional desert-silver (also known as white-metal or German-silver) Coptic cross pendant from the Kemise Tribe of Eastern Ethiopia
  • Vintage handcrafted silver-alloy cylinder spacer beads from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India
  • Black or natural kangaroo hide leather from Australia
  • Cotton cord and/or hemp string

Black - You will receive the MIDDLE necklace
Natural - You will receive the necklace pictured on the RIGHT

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About the Banjara Tribe:
The Banjara People are a collective of nomadic gypsy tribes from Northern India. They are said to be the descendants of the Roma gypsies from Europe who migrated to India through the rugged mountains of Afghanistan and finally settled in Rajasthan. Originally the Banjara’s were bullock transport carriers and builders of great monuments. For centuries they efficiently moved their enormous caravans through the vast roadless tracks of India guaranteeing safe conduct for grain, salt and messages. Due to the nomadic nature of their culture, the Banjara’s traditionally ‘wore’ their wealth thus creating a unique aesthetic, colorful dress and spectacular jewelry quite unlike any other tribe.